How to Increase Your Network on LinkedIn

How to Increase Your Network on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn, in the year 2020, is analogous to Facebook in the year 2005. Well, I am sure most of you might agree with this. Today LinkedIn has gained its due importance because of a multitude of reasons. However, it was built to help like-minded people network with one another. Networking is the heart of LinkedIn. Nearly 24% of the millennials are present on LinkedIn. Well, how many of them actively utilize their network on LinkedIn? Hardly 1%. Yes, it is what it is.

The majority of the people have underestimated the power of LinkedIn. It is a social media platform, but it’s not just that. LinkedIn is a professional networking and content creation platform. It is not like Instagram, WhatsApp, or Snapchat. The type of audience that is active on LinkedIn, the algorithm, and networking techniques are all very unique and tricky in their own way.

Let’s run through 5 effective techniques to increase your network on LinkedIn:

1.Build a rock-solid LinkedIn profile

Before you jump to networking with people on LinkedIn, sit back, reflect, and analyze your LinkedIn profile. Are all your sections filled? Is your profile All-Star?. Start with working on these essential aspects of your profile. Make sure your display picture is a professional headshot, with a solid background. Have a personalized banner to stand out from most of the profiles. Use relevant keywords aligning to your domain in the headline section. Use them in the about, experience, and skills section as well.

Filling all your profile sections complete and optimizing through keyword research/SEO are some of the ways to get noticed by the right audience. It helps your profile become visible in LinkedIn search results for particular keywords and results when like-minded people try to increase their network

2. Start implementing the connection request game

Once you have updated and optimized your LinkedIn profile, it is time to get the ball rolling. Start applying your research skills. LinkedIn is an ocean of information, content, and valuable individuals. Having a minimum of 500 connections helps you gain credibility. However, don’t lose sight and accept or send requests very generously. Keep your connection list as relevant, clean, and domain-specific as possible,

Let’s assume you are a marketer; in such a scenario, it would be advisable to send and accept connection requests to and from fellow marketers, marketing experts, leaders, and marketing agency founders. They are your target audience, and networking with them will add value both ways. Try and send personalized connection requests rather than a generic one. The personalized note makes people understand your intention and inclination towards networking with them. It shows people that you have taken that one tiny step beyond normal expectations. So why are you waiting? Go ahead, and network with people via personalized invites.

3. Churn quality content on LinkedIn

The best way to get noticed on LinkedIn is to create content. You must have heard the saying- content is king, well on LinkedIn, quality content is king. If you are a passive LinkedIn user who has built a profile and scroll through the feed just like you do on Instagram, you will never be able to network with the right kind of people.

To increase your network significantly, post content on LinkedIn consistently. Content that adds value to your followers and connections. Use different forms of content. Be it textual, audio, video, or image, valuable content will help you increase your reach, engagements, and get you noticed by the right set of people. Eventually, it will help you grow your network.

4. Join LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn Groups is one of the most under-utilized features of LinkedIn. Select your domain and areas of interest, accordingly join relevant groups on LinkedIn by searching for those keywords. LinkedIn Groups exposes you to many people in the industry who are aligned with your areas of interest. They are a fantastic networking source.

Observe the activities of all the participants. Answer questions asked in the groups. Such activities help people understand your expertise. Engage with content posted by the members. At the same time, post content in the group yourself. Focus on the participant’s needs rather than trying to sell your skills, products, or services. Add value to the community, and it will significantly help you expand your network.

5. Write blogs & publish LinkedIn articles

LinkedIn has a feature via which it enables users to publish articles on its platform. What this does is that it aligns you with the native content creation process via long-form posts. LinkedIn will notify your connections each time you post original content and help you establish a personal brand and increase your network. Write content on topics that are relatable and add value to your connections. Original content is undoubtedly one of the most organic ways to network with people worldwide on LinkedIn. (Make sure to check out some of our other Blogs!)

The ultimate networking platform

These were a few tips & tricks to increasing your network on LinkedIn. Networking on LinkedIn helps you collaborate and get in touch with people from diverse backgrounds. It opens doors to multiple opportunities and enables you to develop meaningful relationships with your connections. There is no time to wait, hover to LinkedIn, and get started on your journey to increasing your LinkedIn network.

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