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We provide best-in-class job opportunities to everyone on our roster.

Where We Excel Building Careers

We are a recruiter that does more than finding people job; we build careers. This is what we practice for the applicants, as well as for the recruitment of remote teams. Skill Connect 360 is well structured according to our clients’ IT departments, which places us in an ideal position to create placement options. We are an established company with a culture of success, collaboration, and commitment.

Fresh Minds

This is a special talent program designed to connect college students who are seniors or recent graduates with companies looking for fresh talent.

Creative Minds

This is a unique initiative of ours to connect with creative individuals who specialize in the design of UI/UX and digital marketing content and to connect them with employers who have job openings for them.

Her Powers

This is a program we created to accelerate women’s careers in IT and other necessary fields in the industry and to assist companies in hiring female talent.

Special Features

Well Connected Network

Our team of account managers and recruiters is well connected to industry contacts and professional associations that have a network of highly skilled IT talents.

Special Features

High Tech Partners

We are linked to some of the world’s leading organizations, such as JPMC, Citibank, and Comcast, who contact us to deliver the ideal talent for their organizations to stay competitive and keep growing.

Special Features

Mentoring and Training

We will guide you through the processes of hiring and induction, according to the requirements of the job market. We offer resume assistance, interview guidance, and training programs that will introduce you to the workforce.