Help our applicants perfect their resumes to heighten their chances of obtaining their goals.

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Help applicants write personalized and targeted documents such as resumes, CVs, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and personal statements to increase their chances of finding a job.

  • Review existing resumes and make suggestions for improvement. Assure that job seekers are listing relevant experiences on their resumes.
  • Attend regularly scheduled virtual training sessions with SkillConnect360 to collaborate and network with other ambassadors, mentors, interviewers, and resume writers.
  • Strive to strengthen applicants’ writing abilities by making the resume reviewing/writing process interactive and contemplative.


  • Leveraging current interviewing and technical skills for extra compensation in your free time
  • Networking opportunities with other interviewers, ambassadors, mentors, and resume writers
  • The satisfaction of helping others progress their careers

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