Six Things To Do During Your Last Summer In School

Six Things To Do During Your Last Summer In School

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Summer breaks are times to relax; give yourself that off time and rejuvenate. After the strenuous class routines all year long, class project discussions, assignments, and deadlines, students indeed long for the summer break to approach soon. 

Summer is the time to strike the right balance. It is the time to indulge in activities outside of your academia. However, summers are also an opportunity to explore new things, understand your areas of interest, and spend time doing something that you possibly could not while at school. 

Here is a list of the top 6 things to indulge in during your last summer in school: 

1.Discover your Passion 

All of us are unique in our ways. There are things we are good at and something that we love doing. Summer breaks are a golden opportunity to discover your areas of interest and passion.  

Do a trial and test cycle to understand what interests you. Is it technology, web development, consulting, sales, content writing, or anything else? Once you have narrowed down a few domains for yourself, the next step is to begin your skill-building journey aligned to your domain.

2. Learn/Work on a skill 

Often enough, we get so caught up with academic work that we restrict our skill learning journey only to the subjects we learn at school. Summers are the perfect time to add a new skill to your bucket. If you are doing a major in computer science, it is good to have in-depth knowledge of the core subjects such as data structures, algorithms, and database management systems. However, don’t limit yourself to one domain. If technical content writing is something that you have always wanted to do, go ahead and learn that skill. After all, it will enrich your knowledge of up and coming advanced technologies. 

Take that dance class that you have always wanted to enroll yourself in, learn to design, work on your public speaking skills, programming skills, etc. The crux is to do things that you love and aligned with the field in which you want to build your career. Everyone today must have some skills apart from what they learn at school. These skills will help you define your niche and develop your career in a specific area. 

3. Take up an internship

Learning something is always right. Good theoretical background also comes in handy. However, if you cannot apply these concepts and skills in a real-world scenario, those skills are not being utilized to their full potential. 

Internships are the best channel to upskill yourself. Once you have discovered your USP and start working on your skills, summers are the best time to do an apprenticeship or internship. Working in domains that interest you and turn out to be potential career fields is the best thing. Internships help you apply your skills in startups, companies, and agencies in real-time. They give you exposure to real-world experience before you step out in the corporate world. Internships give you a chance to learn, network with people from diverse backgrounds, build your profile, and land pre-placement offers as well. 

4. Volunteer for a noble cause 

Volunteering is yet another way to productively utilize your time and build up your resume as well. Summers are the perfect time to put in 1-2 hours a day and volunteer for different causes, whether from a STEM, business, or any other background. Volunteering for a cause that aligns with your career domain will boost your profile and add value to the organization. 

Volunteer for an educational program, where you act as an academic support volunteer and impart knowledge to underprivileged children in your subjects of interest. Volunteering will help you strengthen your core concepts, as well. Join mentorship volunteering programs, undertake research work in your area of expertise, be a part of a social venture or charitable organization. These community initiatives will help students groom themselves holistically while creating an impact. 

5. Undergo online courses, training, or certifications  

The world is digitizing with each passing day. Today new technologies are disrupting the economy. No matter which degree you are pursuing today, there is always something more to learn. Online courses, certifications, and training are the best medium to upgrade yourself irrespective of where you live.  

The internet is a pool of resources. Today you can learn new skills at the tip of your fingers. Taking up summer courses at your school can be another beneficial option. This way, you will be able to complete courses in a short time frame and gain extra credits. You could enroll yourself in summer student exchange programs as well. 

6. Build a strong LinkedIn profile 

LinkedIn is the best professional networking platform available. Summers are the best time to learn new skills, take up courses, research work, and eventually build a strong profile. However, if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile that helps you stand out from the crowd, you have not utilized your summer break well. 

LinkedIn is a platform where experienced & seasoned professionals, top-level executives, recruiters, entrepreneurs, and people from all walks of life are active. A profile with all sections explained well, the right experiences highlighted and backed by skill endorsements and recommendations will surely help you gain more visibility than others. 

No matter how you choose to spend your summer break, remember it is essentially a time to relax and give yourself a break. Balance out your summer break. Set realistic goals that you can stick to. Spend time with your family, travel, give time to your hobbies while working on your self-development simultaneously. 

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