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Since 2008, our teams have built relationships with the best digital designers and technical marketers on the market through our parent company Princeton IT Services. We started our company as IT staffing experts and we naturally evolved to offer a more comprehensive solution for our clients. Our designer and marketing talent is thoroughly vetted for each job. They have a phenomenal experience, proven processes, and excellent communication.

We focus on the kinds of creative expertise that are most in demand.

UI/UX Designer

UI Developer React/Angular



The online market place is crowded. To break through the clutter, every new digital project requires a state-of-the-art aesthetic and undeniable appeal. Skillful multidisciplinary teams are essential. Our designers are profoundly adaptable, and they look at projects from varying perspectives in order to create optimal solutions.

Clients appreciate our proprietary method of screening qualified candidates that is far more extensive than just reviewing their resumes. We work hands-on with our rich database of candidates to make sure they will adequately meet your needs. Our goal is to provide designers and marketers who will enhance your technical teams by allowing them to focus on the design and development of products. Deliver world-class products by leaving the UI/UX, layout, Copy, and other creative matters to our Creative Minds.

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We comb through hundreds – thousands of potential job applicants using our proprietary R2Engine™ and staff of experts. Within days, we’ll introduce you to the right applicants for your open position.

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We comb through hundreds – thousands of potential job applicants using our proprietary R2Engine™ and staff of experts. Within days, we’ll introduce you to the right applicants for your open position.

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Having collaborative IT development and design teams at your organization is a key ingredient for success in today's marketplace.


Having an elegant, user-friendly design is more essential to contemporary success in technology than ever. Creativity in the IT industry is essential because it provides the talent to imagine users' needs and the ability to deliver innovative solutions to create breakthrough products.


When your design team can craft products that deliver satisfying user experiences, you will earn customer loyalty. This favorable word of mouth creates an opportunity to scale your company and improve ROI.

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“Having the right talent is a key factor in the success of any business. Identifying, attracting, and retaining highly competent and committed individuals can be cumbersome, especially if you are not supported by a firm that knows the intricacies of the recruiting industry. After two decades of building high-performing technology teams for companies such as JPMorgan, Citi Bank, Comcast, and others, I decided to create SkillConnect360. Since 2008, our motto has been to help our clients “save time and eliminate frustration.”

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