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We understand the marketplace is crowded and it takes supreme creative and marketing skills to be relevant today. SkillConnect360 built a robust creative and marketing program to match the world’s best talent with their dream jobs at culturally driven organizations. Work full-time, part-time, contract, and other flexible hours with our many organizations seeking your unique super-talents.


The SkillConnect360 Creative Minds program was born from over a decade of experience in IT recruiting as Princeton IT. We expanded our services after noticing a growing need in our clients for creative and marketing talent.

Our clients are smart, savvy, and value their employees. In many cases, you will find benefits, supports, flexible schedules, mentors, and support to continually grow in your career. Many of our clients are national and global organizations that value your skills. You will make an immediate impact on these organizations.

We are seeking SEO specialists, graphic designers, UIX/UX specialists, communications managers, event marketers, account executives, creative directors, social media managers, content strategists, public relations experts, and additional marketing professionals.

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In today’s tech companies, creativity drives state-of-the-art technical innovations and progress. Many leading IT companies are seeking to hire creative minds to think outside the box in user-centric ways to create innovative and successful solutions.


We developed Creative Minds to meet the growing need for web designers in technology. Joining our program will provide a unique way for you to launch your career or advance it.


You can make your biggest dreams a reality when you connect with opportunities that are right for you. We will help you find opportunities that will transform your life and the lives of others with the applications you help develop and present in user-friendly ways.

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