Help us guide professionals through the process of obtaining their career goals.

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Communicate with applicants and professionals to strengthen their interview and workplace skills. This process takes place throughout the hiring and employment of the professional.

*This position is open to job seekers, as well as those interested in only becoming interviewers or mentors.

  • Communicate with your assigned applicants and professionals no less than one time per month via phone call, email, text, or in-person meeting.
  • Get to know your mentee’s academic, professional, and personal goals so you can help them in a way that meets their personal best interest.
  • Determine which available positions candidates are best suited for depending on skillsets, geographic location, years of experience, current qualifications, and prior work experience.
  • Help candidates update their knowledge or learn skills specific to an industry.
  • Coach job seekers on appropriate attire for interviews and the workplace.
  • Mentorship will begin prior to the candidate’s first interview with a SkillConnect360 interviewer. It will then continue to help the candidate realize what kind of jobs will best suit them and how they can acclimate to their new work environments.
  • Attend regularly scheduled virtual training sessions with SkillConnect360 to collaborate and network with other ambassadors, mentors, interviewers, and resume writers.


  • Leveraging current interviewing and technical skills for extra compensation in your free time
  • Networking opportunities with other interviewers, ambassadors, mentors, and resume writers
  • The satisfaction of helping others progress their careers

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