5 Useful Tips to Transition from Campus to Corporate

5 Useful Tips to Transition from Campus to Corporate

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We all know that campus life and corporate life are different from each other. Students undergo a 360-degree shift when transitioning from campus to corporate. Majorly because the ideologies, operations, and objectives of the two industries are unique in their sense. Campus to corporate is not just a phrase; it is a journey millions of students undergo in their life. Only when these two contrasting worlds come together in one bucket can the youth of any nation progress in their career. 

Students today have the academic background and degree but lack the real-life skills to back their degree. This is one of the reasons that has resulted in a high rate of unemployment, which has effects on the GDP and the country’s economy. There have been many organizations, forums, and platforms working on upskilling the youth and making them corporate ready. However, very few of them turn out to be corporate ready.   

The five major areas which will help bridge the gap between campus to corporate are:

1) Embracing the new age technologies & skills

It has not been very long since technology became the substitute for almost everything humans can do. Moreover, with the advent of AI, ML, Robotics, Data Science, and similar technologies, a revolution has occurred worldwide. The youth will need to adapt to these new-age technologies and start embracing other life skills with open arms.  

The increasing competition has undoubtedly signaled that recruiters and companies are selecting candidates with the right hard skills and the right soft skills. For students to be a cultural fit for the company, they must concentrate on: 

  • Communication Skills: If you cannot communicate effectively, no matter which company or sector you work for, surviving the workplace will be tough
  • Time Management: Yet another skill students ignore, but corporations look for. Candidates who can optimize their time and know the art of time management will sail through the stormy ocean. 
  • The right attitude: Today, recruiters are evaluating a candidature not just on hard and soft skills, but also based on the candidate’s attitude. Attitude is a very personal aspect and varies from person to person. However, the ones with a respectful, positive, and emotionally intelligent attitude tend to make it through the final selection rounds. 

2) Relevant and upgraded training  

For students to be able to shine through in life, the right set of training is extremely essential. Concentrating on application aspects rather than theoretical aspects would be the first step. Professionals or professors should design practices in such a way that it helps students apply their knowledge in real-time. Bookish knowledge will only help them clear the campus exams and not make them job-ready. 

3) Flexible mindset and thinking 

A rigid mindset will only act as a barrier in your journey of growing in the corporate world.  

Things are changing very rapidly today. Every day there is a revolutionary innovation or new technology. People who have a learning mindset to improvise and explore will be able to thrive. Students who are flexible to switch job roles, explore other sectors, and keep working on themselves will make it to the finish line.  

4) Real-life experiences

Most of the students today lack essential real-world experience. By the real world, we mean working on industry-relevant projects, training, or internships. Internships, live projects, and research projects help students work in a dummy corporate/industry environment. It helps them understand organizational structures, operations, and work environments. By working on real-life problems, they build critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, interpersonal, and teamwork skills. Students who can work in teams of diverse people find it easier to get into the corporate world. These previous real-time experiences can prove to be very beneficial. 

5) Passion to the profession 

The corporate journey is filled with ups and downs. However, if you are working on things that align with your areas of interest, it becomes easier. Students tend to follow the mad race or what the market demands. The harsh reality is that unless you enjoy the work you are doing, the journey ahead will be difficult. Find your passion, then find a way to turn that passion into a full-time profession.

That is the only way you will be able to straddle the path uphill in this corporate journey. Good luck! 

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