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Our candidates will meet your technical team needs and integrate seamlessly into your organization. Since 2008, our teams have built relationships with the top schools and technical programs through our parent company Princeton IT Services. We started our company as IT staffing experts to find technical managers and now we expanded our offerings to source and recruit the brightest and freshest new minds for all major job functions. Our recruits have excelled in their academics and ready to prove their skills at a tremendous value to organizations in the Accounting & Finance, Administrative & Office, Technology & IT, Marketing & Creative, and Compliance & Legal job functions.

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Our highly trained career counselors attend campus recruitment events and career fairs at some of the country’s top schools, so they can carefully select the most promising, new technical and creative talent. Each candidate is screened to assess his or her academic record, projects, and technical knowledge. Selected candidates are then assessed with our proprietary AI tool, R2Engine™, to determine their strengths, so they can be guided to pursue the careers in which they’re most likely to excel.

The candidates are then assigned to a SkillConnect360 mentor, who will give them real-world experience in application development. As a part of the mentorship, candidates are invited to participate in our on-site training and development program.

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The combination of our unique vetting process and the SkillConnect360 mentorship will leave you confident in you hiring the right Fresh Mind.



When you hire recent graduates with proven drive and talent, they can provide your company with a source of creativity that is up to date with the latest trends and with your younger customers. Their energy and enthusiasm can also inspire your long-term employees to envision timely solutions that enhance the success of your products.


It’s widely established that recent college graduates can provide fresh perspectives and inspire new ideas. They can help your company achieve greater success. Hiring them fresh out of college is an optimal way to help them to be your leaders of tomorrow.


Let us help your company create a reputation for celebrating and rewarding the innovation young people. Such a reputation can transform your company with youthful innovators and help it remain at the leading-edge of IT.

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“Having the right talent is a key factor in the success of any business. Identifying, attracting, and retaining highly competent and committed individuals can be cumbersome, especially if you are not supported by a firm that knows the intricacies of the recruiting industry. After two decades of building high-performing technology teams for companies such as JPMorgan, Citi Bank, Comcast, and others, I decided to create SkillConnect360. Since 2008, our motto has been to help our clients “save time and eliminate frustration.”

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Let us help you engage with the future leaders of the IT industry.

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    Millennials are digital natives and are able to adapt to the latest technology with ease. It’s one of the many reasons wthey can be valuable to your company. Since technology is continuously changing, their adaptable attitudes toward it is in sync with the evolving needs and attitudes of your customers. There are many advantages to providing the younger generation with the opportunity to enter the world of IT at your company.