How to write job description?

How to write job description?

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Four major components that your job description must address

It was way past midnight. Sam was still scrolling through numerous job openings on a job portal, in a hope to apply for something suitable! With eyes already half-shut, he was still unsure if he was applying for the right jobs. Meanwhile, his wife brought him a cup of coffee. Something sparked him as soon as he saw the coffee mug, and he had an instant glow on his face! What could his thought be? On being asked by his wife, he explained that just like all the right ingredients mixed together make a wonderful coffee, similarly all the necessary details put together make a perfect job description! Simple isn’t it?

According to a Harvard Research, over 54% of adult Americans drink coffee every day. While there are numerous recipes for making coffee, the basic ingredients remain the same – coffee beans, milk, sweetener, and water. The absence of any ingredient changes the taste drastically. Similarly, a job description is a composition of several components, and the absence of anyone makes it incomplete!

As a recruiter, here’s four major components that your job descriptions must address:

Job Title

A clear and concise job title establishes clarity in understanding the exact nature of the job. It also helps job seekers to figure out the designation and rank of the job. Job seekers can research about the job based on the title. So the next time you post a job, make sure your body has a head!

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The job description clearly needs to enlist the required qualifications. Sometimes, the qualifications mentioned in the job description cannot be fulfilled by even Batman or Superman! Hence it is essential that the qualifications are precise and to the point of the job. Clearly mentioning the required educational qualifications and prior experience is simply not enough, as the mandatory and preferred qualifications or skills need to be highlighted separately.


After mentioning the desired qualifications, the job seekers need to know what would their typical day at work look like! Enlisting the responsibilities gives a clarity on the job tasks and duties to be performed.

Other details

Just as we add sugar at the end of the coffee making process, other minor details play a vital role in completing the job description! These details include – location, salary and work authorization requirements.

Talent management is a mutual process, and both ends need to have a win-win situation. So the next time Sam struggles applying for a job, it may be actually the recruiter’s fault

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