Help us narrow down our pool of qualified candidates.

Speak with applicants of the Her Power, Creative Minds, and Fresh minds recruiting programs to determine whether or not they will be able to fulfill the responsibilities and requirements of the jobs for which they are applying.

*This position is open to job seekers, as well as those interested in only becoming interviewers or mentors.

  • Screen candidates’ skills to assure they are the right fit for a job opening by asking technical questions about their prior work experiences.
  • Identify requirements that job seekers have for future employers (such as location, salary, and work schedule).
  • Identify and resolve inconsistencies in interviewees’ responses by means of appropriate questioning and/or explanation.
  • Attend regularly scheduled virtual training sessions with SkillConnect360 to collaborate with other ambassadors, mentors, interviewers, and resume writers.


  • Leveraging current interviewing and technical skills for extra compensation in your free time
  • Networking opportunities with other interviewers, ambassadors, mentors, and resume writers
  • The satisfaction of helping others progress their careers

Become an Interviewer

You can also call us at +1 609 853 0058.