Creating a Personal Elevator Pitch

Creating a Personal Elevator Pitch

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Almost every job interview begins with the daunting question: “Can you tell me a little about yourself?” While you may think your interviewer is curious about your personal life, they are really interested in knowing more about your prior work experiences, what you will provide as an employee, and what qualifies you for the position. The easiest way to address this question is to have an approximately 30 second, pre-prepared elevator pitch to share with your interviewer.

What is an elevator pitch?

Imagine you are in an elevator, and the director of your dream job walks in after you. You only have 30 seconds to introduces yourself to them before they arrive at their floor. Luckily, you have a pre-prepared elevator pitch that you can share with them! This elevator pitch should inform the director of who you are and of your experiences and qualifications. Your elevator pitch may grab the director’s attention, leading to future conversations and hopefully a position at their company.

What are the benefits of an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch will help you stand out among your competitors. Your pre-prepared speech will allow you to introduce yourself to interviewers and prospective employers in a clear and succinct way. While people interviewing for the same position may not have a concise answer to tell their interviewer more about themselves, you will be prepared to tackle this question head-on. Your elevator pitch will help your interviewer engage with you and maintain a conversation that is relevant to your qualifications and experiences.

How can you create an elevator pitch?

Keep it brief! Remember, you only have about 30 seconds to deliver this pitch. Focus on the most important details about yourself that your employer should know.

Introduce yourself! Share some information about yourself with your interviewer, like your name, your education, what you do, and your key strengths.

Explain the value you will bring to the organization! Your interviewer will want to know why they should hire you over another qualified candidate. Explain why you are the best fit person for this position. Tell your interviewer about notable qualities you encompass like a strong work ethic or great communication skills (just to name a few).

Explain what you are looking for! If you are reciting your elevator pitch to someone other than an interviewer, you can ask to be considered for a position and if it is possible to meet with them in a different setting to talk more about an opportunity.

Be unique! The goal of your elevator pitch is to help you stand out from your competitors. Focus on aspects that will make it clear to your interviewer why you will be a better fit for the position than another candidate

Where can you use your elevator pitch other than at an interview?

Your elevator pitch does not have to be used exclusively during interviews. You can share your pitch at career fairs, during professional events, and on your professional social media profiles like LinkedIn.

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