Blast past your competitors by tapping into an underutilized and flexible
talent pool.

Unleash the Power of Diversity with Her Power™

Despite their best efforts, most companies suffer from hiring biases. Our company has re-engineered the hiring process to ensure our clients get the best candidates for the job and build powerfully diverse teams.

Here are some startling statistics about team diversity:

  • Diverse teams are 87% better at making decisions
  • Organizations with equal men and women in the same roles earn 41% higher revenue
  • Senior management teams with 15% or more women on their teams notice a 5% increase in equity
  • 40% of men and women employees across the board agree that there is a double standard when it comes to hiring men versus hiring women

Unlock the modern formula organizations are using to gain advantages in the marketplace. Hiring a diverse team is one of the ways savvy executives are gaining an edge over their competitors. Our expert recruiters are skilled at adding unique and flexible talent to your teams.

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Each candidate is screened to assess her academic record, projects, and technical knowledge. Selected candidates are then assessed with our proprietary R2Engine™to determine their strengths, so they can be guided to pursue the careers in which they’re most likely to excel.


We believe equality is not just a concept, but a necessity. We are dedicated to helping you and other organizations close gender gaps in the workplace. We know fair and equal opportunities for women are necessary, and our program is specifically intended to provide them.


Members of today's workforce increasingly want more control over their lives. This means a corporate culture allowing for a good balance between their careers and families. We encourage clients to support the smart work culture that enables flexibility for employees.


The most important vision in our own organization is to encourage women in the workforce to step forward, so their empowerment can become a reality. We realize that it’s win-win situation for your organization and the women within it.

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“Having the right talent is a key factor in the success of any business. Identifying, attracting, and retaining highly competent and committed individuals can be cumbersome, especially if you are not supported by a firm that knows the intricacies of the recruiting industry. After two decades of building high-performing technology teams for companies such as JPMorgan, Citi Bank, Comcast, and others, I decided to create SkillConnect360. Since 2008, our motto has been to help our clients “save time and eliminate frustration.”

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We’ll work with you to ensure we understand your requirements for each position. Then, we will select the women who are most qualified to meet your needs, considering their talent, skill, and personality so we can ensure that they’ll be a successful addition to your team. To enjoy the benefits of Her Power program, fill out the form below, and one of our expert recruiters will get back to you shortly. You can also call us now at +1 609 853 0058

You can also call us at +1 609 853 0058.