A Guide on – How to choose the right job for you.

A Guide on – How to choose the right job for you.

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Is this job right for you? 

It’s never been a better time to look for a job. Whether or not you have multiple job offers, you need to decide if the opportunity is a good fit. You get a glimpse into a company during the interview process, and you may hear from current or past employees, but how things will go is just an educated guess. 

You are free to turn down a job offer. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t accept it. Here are some issues to consider when deciding whether or not to take that job. 

Will the Job Satisfy You? 

Will the job challenge you, but you won’t feel you’re in over your head? Will the job be interesting and an opportunity to learn new things and grow professionally? Will you enjoy the work, or will you just kill time until you get your next job? 

Is the Pay Good Enough? 

There’s no perfect job. One may be a great opportunity with a company with a lot of potential growth, but the pay not be that great. You could also be well-paid for work you’re not crazy about, but if you have bills to pay (especially student loans), that extra cash may come in handy. We’ll tell you the going pay rate and benefits are for that type of job, but there are many factors to consider. 

What Will Your Future Boss Be Like? 

Considering how much time you’ll spend working under this person’s supervision, there may be no person other than a spouse or child who will have a greater influence on your quality of life. Your potential boss may have been genuine when you met so you’ll know what to expect, or maybe they just put on a good show.  

Warning signs are unprofessional or illegal questions during the interview. Another is you’re replacing someone else who didn’t last long. You may be one in a long line of employees in a position with constant turnover. If that’s the case, the problem may be the boss or the company’s overall management. 

The person may have admitted their faults (they have a tough time making decisions or they’re a micromanager) during the interview. We’ll tell you what we know about the person. You may also get feedback from current or past employees. Otherwise, go with your gut feeling. Do you feel good about working for this person? 

Is There Room for Advancement? 

Even if the answer appears to be no, that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t take the job. Moving from employer to employer doesn’t have the stigma it had in the past. If you think there will be a place for you there in the future, great! If not, will your duties and responsibilities make you an attractive candidate for a better job elsewhere in the future? No matter how this works out, the position must be a good fit for your overall, long-term career plans

Is the Location Good for You? 

In the past, this meant physical location. Is the job in New York? Michigan? In a city or suburb? Now it also means working just in an office, only from home, or a combination. Some of us never want to work in an office again. Others can’t wait to get back. 

If taking the job means moving, will that work for you and your family? Will the employer help pay for the move? Is there a long commute? If so, the price of gas could make that a substantial cost. Are you comfortable with the fact you may or may not work from home? 

What Lifestyle Will You Have? 

Ideally, how you budget your time personally and professionally will be a good match with the job. If you’re willing and able to put up with long hours and stress, it shouldn’t be a problem if that’s part of the job. If there’ll be high demands on you, but you have a family, or you’re committed to personal interests or volunteering, you’ll need to decide if the sacrifice will be worth it. 

What are their Corporate Values and Culture? 

Their importance in picking a job varies from person to person. If values and culture are critical to choosing a job and being happy where you work, are you and your potential employer a good match? Has what you learned about the company during the interview, online, and in news stories given you a positive feeling, or do you have doubts? 

Take the Next Step. Contact Skill Connect 360 

Skill Connect 360 can help you find an excellent position that’s a good fit for you, your goals and the employer. If you interview for a position or are offered one, but you’re unsure if it’s the right job for you, we can help you decide what to do next.  

Call us today at 212-507-9350 or fill out our contact form to start the conversation. 

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