5 Useful Tips to Prepare for a Remote Interview

5 Useful Tips to Prepare for a Remote Interview

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Congratulations! Your well thought out resume and cover letter got you through the first part of finding a job. Now, it’s time for the hard part: the interview. The hard work you put into your job search is starting to pay off; you secured a job interview! Given the current circumstances of the world, your interview is more likely to be conducted via remote platforms like Zoom, MS Teams, BlueJeans, etc. While remote interviews are not too different from face-to-face interviews, there are some aspects that you must take into consideration before, during, and after your interview.  

During your remote interview, you will want to optimize your chances of getting the job. You can do that by following these 5 useful tips! 

Find a device that has high quality audio and visual capabilities 

Professionalism is just as important during remote interviews as it is during face-to-face interviews. You can maximize your professionalism by making sure your device will enable your interviewer to clearly understand what you are saying and to be able to clearly see the person they are interviewing. Assuring that your interviewer and you can clearly see each other will make your interaction more engaging and personal. Interviewers like being able to put a face to a name! 

Download the program on which your interview will be conducted in advance 

Your interviewer will likely disclose which platform your interview will be held on a few days before your interview is set to take place. Once you find out this information, download the software to your device to ensure that you will be on time for your interview. You should take some time to familiarize yourself with the software, as well, to avoid technical difficulties that might happen. 

Make yourself and your setting presentable  

You should treat your remote interview just like an in-person interview. While it may feel unnecessary to put on a business casual outfit, being dressed for an interview will put you in the “interview mindset”. Wearing professional attire will also show your interviewer that you are a professional individual who is serious about their work.

Anticipate problems that might arise during your interview and find solutions for them  

Before your interview starts, try to think of a solution for any problem that might occur. Make sure your device is fully charged so it does not die mid-interview; make sure your connection is sturdy so your interview is not cut short; make sure you have any notifications turned off so you do not get distracted during your interview. 

Find an optimal setting 

You don’t want your interview to take place in a noisy or distracting setting. Make sure you are separated from the people (or pets) you live with to eliminate any chances of distracting background noise. You should try to make sure the place you decide to sit for your interview appears organized and does not have a distracting background.

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