4 things to Improve your chances of getting an Interview call

4 things to Improve your chances of getting an Interview call

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IT Professionals: Here are 4 things to Improve your chances of getting an Interview call!

For getting an interview call, ever wondered why the guy in the next cubicle gets approached ten times more by recruiters for greener pastures? Think about it! You both have a similar experience, come from the same university, studied same courses and probably have the same GPA! Then what is it that makes him more approachable than YOU?

Now since we spoke about recruiters, let’s see what they rely on! Two things – job portals and references! But what after that? The first interaction any recruiter has with you is through your resume. Recruiters scan resumes, sometimes struggle to find the needle in a haystack while looking for mandatory skills! The result – Reject! Still wondering what is the reason for no one approaching you? That’s correct – the untouched resume that you uploaded probably more than six months ago!

Here are four things that can make you more approachable by recruiters:

1. Enlist

Putting together all your IT skills in one place makes it a baby step for the recruiter to understand your professional profile! So, the next time you update your resume, make sure to add a table at the beginning that enlists all your IT skills in one place. You may have experience of 2 years or even 20 years, but listing down the skills helps a recruiter decide fast on your profile. This also minimizes the chance of the recruiter missing out to notice an important skill that you have worked on!

What to Include in a Resume Skills Section

2. Aesthetics

You might be wondering what has this to do with the job vacancy or shortlisting? But this has a lot to reveal about the kind of person you are! Resume aesthetics go a long way in showcasing your presentation skills, and your professionalism. Ensuring a grammatically correct resume with uniform font and font style throughout makes it a pleasing appeal to anyone reading it

3. Refresh

While you certainly want a job change, you must also consider the fact that your resume is not updated, or that the last you touched it was more than 3 months ago! Job portals provide filters that present resumes which have been updated within last 3 months, and your resume won’t even make it to the recruiter if it does not clear the initial filter! So if you are actively looking for a change, ensure that you regularly log in to the portals, and keep your resume updated!

4. Contact details

This might sound a bit obvious, but unfortunately, a good number of resumes lack it! That’s right – people forget to include their phone number or email. Remember, you are not Michael Jackson that the whole world knows you! Recruiters need contact information. Most often, an email is not good enough. Your competitor is just a phone call away! So, if you just rely on giving your email address, there are chances that your competitor already has his or her interview scheduled, by the time you read your email!

Using the pro-recruiter approach may not be something on your mind right now, but will surely help you in your job search if you adopt it! So implement it and your next job is just a…..wait…did you hear that….”tring tring”!

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