The Negative Impact of Slow Hiring Process | 2022

The Negative Impact of Slow Hiring Process | 2022

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A Slow Hiring Cycle May Cost You the Best Job Candidate 

The competition for talented, highly skilled job candidates has never been more fierce. You may have increased salaries to levels unimaginable a few years ago. Your marketing department focuses on obtaining new customers and new hires too. While you’ve adjusted somewhat, your hiring process hasn’t changed. It’s slow, complex, and qualified job seekers may not tolerate it. 

If you’re getting qualified applicants initially, but they exit the process before it’s complete, look at what you’re doing. 

  • How much time does it take from receiving the resume to making the offer? 
  • How long does each step take?  
  • Where in the process do people lose interest? 
  • What can you do to shorten each step and the whole process?  
  • Are all the interviews necessary? 
  • Can you cut the number of decision-makers? 

Streamlining the hiring process can help keep better candidates interested and prevent them from going elsewhere. If you cut steps in the process, it may save you time and effort so you can work on other priorities. 

The High Cost of a Slow Hiring Process 

There’s a shift in the balance of power when filling a job opening. Job seekers, especially experienced IT professionals, may have several offers to choose from. Their current employer may also improve pay and benefits to keep them on board.  

Job seekers are like potential customers. If you don’t meet their needs, someone else will. If you string the person along because filling the role isn’t a priority, you’re disorganized, or this is an effort to show you’re the one in control, it may cost you dearly. 

  • Most job seekers don’t have the patience to wait weeks or months for a job offer. They will continue applying for other openings while you’re screening candidates. If your competition moves faster, you may not get the role filled with the quality candidate you seek, and the job will stay open longer 
  • The candidate may feel you’re not serious about hiring for the position. If it’s not a priority for you, why should you be a priority for them? If this position isn’t important, the candidate may fear an economic downturn will mean they’ll be one of the first ones laid off 
  • Your hamster wheel hiring process may be viewed as a lack of respect. A job candidate’s time is valuable, especially if they’re balancing a full-time job and family responsibilities. They may feel if you disrespect applicants, that’s probably how you treat your employees too 

While you’re researching applicants’ backgrounds, they’re investigating you. There are websites where anonymous employees and applicants rate employers. An applicant frustrated by delays could write a negative review that can scare others away. Do you want a reputation as disorganized, unfocused, and uncaring among job seekers? 

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