Benefits of Having a Mentor to Succeed in Career.

Benefits of Having a Mentor to Succeed in Career.

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Whether you’re farming, practicing law, or working in IT, you can benefit from the knowledge and wisdom earned by someone who’s already traveled the path you seek. Why waste precious time and earn less than your potential by going it alone? Does “reinventing the wheel” sound like a good idea to you, or would you rather learn from others?

Are You Ready to be Mentored?

Studies show good mentoring can lead to greater career success, including promotions, raises, and better opportunities, according to an article in Forbes. Mentoring works best when there’s structure, and the parties involved are ready, willing, and able to invest time and effort into the process. Just spending time with a mentor and listening to words of wisdom won’t do you much good.

To get the most out of the relationship, you should:

  • Be committed to expanding your abilities
  • Be focused on achieving results
  • Have clear career goals, needs, and wants. If over time, these things change, a good mentor should help you find another direction
  • Create the agenda so your mentor will have a better idea of how to help
  • Ask for help, show vulnerability, and explore different paths and perspectives
  • Be open and receptive to learning about and trying new things
  • Seek and accept feedback and act upon it
  • Be responsible and accountable
  • Meet regularly

How Can I Benefit From Mentoring?

What can a good mentor do for you? Inc. magazine lists the following:

  • Get practical information and knowledge you don’t learn in school or college, but is gained through experience
  • Learn where you need to improve, which is something you may not realize or want to accept
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Feedback when you’re working towards a goal, suggestions of better routes to take, learning what you’re doing well and what should change
  • Encouragement, emotional and moral support
  • Creation of boundaries and rules to encourage the discipline you need to succeed
  • Sounding boards for your ideas. A mentor can help you filter out the least helpful ones so you can focus on the better ones
  • Someone you can trust who’s willing to keep things confidential
  • Referrals to connections who can help your career progress
  • Learning about your mentor’s mistakes so you won’t repeat them

Will Skill Connect 360 Mentor Me Through the Application Process?

A major benefit of working with Skill Connect 360 is we do more than talk about how we want you to succeed, we invest in the resources to make that happen. This includes someone who will mentor you through the application process. Your mentor will

  • Keep in regular touch with you
  • Get to know your goals so we can put you on the right track to attain them
  • Determine which open positions are the best fit for your skills, geographic preference, experience, qualifications, and experience
  • Coach you about the culture of potential employers, what they value most in applicants, and how to best present yourself

This relationship starts before your first interview with us and will continue through your placement and adapting to a new role. Even after you’re placed, please keep in touch with us! We can give you career advice and keep you informed of future openings that can help you build your successful career.

You can learn more about this position on this web page.

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