How to Stay Connected with Employees? Avoid these 6 Mistakes.

How to Stay Connected with Employees? Avoid these 6 Mistakes.

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As important as you may be, your employees make your business possible. Keeping valuable employees is far less costly than suffering a constant churn of employees leaving and then hiring replacements. One way to try to limit turnover is to avoid alienating employees and staying connected to them.  

A recent Forbes article lists suggestions from business leaders. 

Don’t Make Assumptions 

If someone appears to be struggling with something, don’t assume you know the cause and the solution. Work together to determine the root cause and ask what help, if any, the employee wants to resolve the situation.  

Care About Employees 

You don’t want to pry into an employee’s life, but show you care about their personal and professional success. An employee who feels a manager cares about them may go the extra mile when needed. If they feel like management doesn’t care about them, other than collecting a paycheck, why should they care about their employer?  

Open Communication 

There are things you need to keep to yourself and upper management. Otherwise, open communication helps create and maintain strong relationships with employees. What’s going on with your company? What’s the big picture of your industry, and how does your company fit in it? What do your company and its employees need to do to thrive in the future? Regular group and individual communication enable a back and forth that can benefit your company and the individuals working there.  

Don’t Talk Down to People 

If everyone’s in this together, don’t communicate from on high. Roles are different, but everyone’s goal should be the same – collective and individual success. Show your respect to others by not talking down to them. Apply rules equally to yourself and others because actions speak louder than words. 

You Have Better Things to Do Than Micromanage 

This not only wastes your time and energy it also alienates employees. What’s the point of taking action and making decisions if you’re constantly looking over their shoulders and second-guessing them? Hire qualified employees, train, and supervise them, then get out of the way so you can focus on more important matters. 

Acknowledge Accomplishments 

Employees who feel their accomplishments aren’t making a difference may think they’re just filling space and punching the clock. Meaningfully acknowledge their contributions and recognize their efforts. If you’ve had a great quarter, maybe you should do more than provide a free lunch of cold pizza. 

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