How to Jump Over the Experience Gap?

How to Jump Over the Experience Gap?

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If you don’t have a seamless job history, it shouldn’t stop you from seeking the jobs you want. There is a massive demand for skilled talent right now. The fact there’s some time between your jobs is not the obstacle it once was. 

Companies are Hiring from a Smaller Applicant Pool 

“The unemployment rate, which stood at 4.2 percent in November, has recovered more rapidly than at all but one point since World War II, the relatively mild recession of 1960,” reports the Washington Post. About 3.5 million fewer people are working than two years ago, but government statistics show just over half of them (1.8 million) are looking for work. 

Those who do want to work have almost unprecedented opportunity, particularly in service industries that lost huge numbers of jobs at the start of the pandemic and are still trying to rebuild their workforce.”

Candidates Who May Have Been Screened Out in the Past are Getting Hired 

This mismatch in demand for employees and the supply of applicants results in the “Great Resignation” (record numbers of workers quitting, mostly to get better jobs) and employers increasing pay, improving benefits, and considering candidates they may not have the past. 

Many employers are more willing to hire candidates who’ve been jobless for long periods. The importance of résumé gaps is fading because of the need to hire people. More employers also understand they should focus on how an applicant may help them – not on investigating times when they were doing something other than holding a job. 

In many ways, it’s never been a better time to look for a job. If you want to end that gap and find a new job, the time to act is now. 

You Must Cross the Gap, Not Pretend It Doesn’t Exist 

Despite this good news, a gap isn’t something you should ignore.  

  • Skill Connect 360 can give you a clear picture of the skills in demand and how well you fit in the job market. If your skills are rusty or you need new ones to better complete, we can help you upskill to make you a more attractive candidate  
  • If you’re having difficulty finding work in the role you had before, you might re-think your strategy and look at the big picture. To reach your long-term goal after being out of the workforce for a time, it makes sense to take a step back or seek a position in a different but related role. Your experience and abilities may qualify you for any number of opportunities. If you can’t open one set of doors, knock on others 
  • In addition to being out of the workforce, it may have been a while since you last sought and interviewed for a position. Skill Connect 360 can help you tell your story with your LinkedIn profile, résumé, and during interviews. You will be comfortable and confident when you talk to potential employers 

Résumé gap or not, whether the job market is hot or cold, you need the desire, skills, and experience to do the job and effectively communicate that during the hiring process. 

Take the Next Step. Contact Skill Connect 360

Skill Connect 360 can help you find an excellent position that’s a good fit for you, your goals, and the employer. If you want to return to work but think your experience gap will hold you back, let’s talk. We can discuss how we may help and what you can do to put that gap behind you. 

Call us today at 212-507-9350 or fill out our contact form to start the conversation.

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