Frequently Asked Questions

Whether your organization has an IT position you need to fill or you’re looking for a new position in the IT field contact SkillConnect today at (609) 853-0058, so we can talk about how we can help.

We will share our industry insights and only submit your requirements and only upon disclosing the salary and benefit package for the position. We will help with negotiating with client on your behalf.

Yes. We provide necessary guidance for your smooth transition and relocation.

All your information is kept confidential. We do not share your information with third parties or use it for any other purposes.

You will not be charged for our services.

Yes. Most of the requirements are posted on our website (suggested link to the page) or job boards that we use.

Yes. This helps our recruiters and account executives know that you are no longer available and will help us inform our clients as well. We encourage our candidates to keep us up to date so we can continue keep good relationships with both candidates and our clients.

We present the opportunities in the order of preference so there is no conflict.

We will only contact you when we find potential job requirements that match your skills. You can always opt-out of our process and we always schedule calls based on your availability.

We look at the interests of the candidates as well as the requirements of the client. We do our best to match the skills candidates have with the work that’s available so both parties can succeed. We will work with you to make this process a great experience.

Candidates will be informed who your resume should be sent to but we won’t submit information to any client without your permission.

Our recruiters carefully go through every resume and will respond.

We only work with direct vendors. Our recruiters will keep you informed at every stage of the recruitment process and will help you prepare for upcoming job interviews.

There will not be any additional expenses apart from search fees.

Contact our sales team ( to learn more about how we price our services.

We communicate all of our opportunities with similar skillsets and level of experience to qualified candidates and they decide which ones they want to focus on. Normally considerations such as the commute to work, the company culture and type of work influences candidates when they decide which opportunities to choose.

No, but we would like to talk to the hiring managers to find out what skills and qualities they are expecting in the role they need to fill. We can do this via conference call or in-person but such a meeting is not mandatory.

If you contact us we can provide you with many references.

No. We conduct our business ethically and will not recruit your employees to fill other positions.

We make every effort to get you the best candidates to fill your needs. We will not charge you to find a replacement if the original candidate leaves within three months of starting.

Yes. We can recommend an appropriate salary level. We share our industry experience with our clients and help them come up with right salary levels. This helps our clients hire and retain the best talent in the industry while not over-paying their employees.

It normally takes one to two weeks to find the right candidates for you to interview due to our screening process.

The retention rate is quite high as our clients never complained. Our staff continue to work on multi- year assignments.

Candidates will go through two to three rounds of interview before we present them to a client. This helps ensure that we are submitting the right candidates to you.

Our recruitment process starts with understanding the job requirements, preparing right job description, mining our internal candidate database, reviewing social media, using the best job boards,pre-screening candidates and upon selection we can do background checks for clients when requested.

First and foremost our experience in this industry. We are technology company first. Are you a generalist firm or do you specialize in a particular type of position? Our primary focus is in technology.

SkillConnect is a division of Princeton IT Services which has been in business since Febuary 2008. SkillConnect opened in February 2016.

SkillConnect is a division of Princeton IT Services. Our years of experience in building IT teams for top

tier companies and businesses of all sizes to help them meet every IT challenge possible makes

SkillConnect a qualified partner for IT Personnel search.