9 02, 2018

How to write job description?

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How to Write Job Description? Four major components that your job description must address Author: Abhijeet Mahajan <scroll scroll scroll>….It was way past midnight. Sam was still scrolling through numerous job openings on a job portal, in a hope to apply for something suitable! With eyes already half-shut, he was still unsure if he was applying for the right jobs. Meanwhile, his wife brought him a cup of coffee. Something sparked him as soon as he saw the coffee mug, and he had an instant glow on his face! What could his thought be? On being asked by his wife, [...]

1 02, 2018

4 things to Improve your chances of getting an Interview call

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IT Professionals: Here are 4 things to Improve your chances of getting an Interview call! Author: Abhijeet Mahajan  For getting an interview call, ever wondered why the guy in the next cubicle gets approached ten times more by recruiters for greener pastures? Think about it! You both have a similar experience, come from the same university, studied same courses and probably have the same GPA! Then what is it that makes him more approachable than YOU? Now since we spoke about recruiters, let’s see what they rely on! Two things – job portals and references! But what after that? The first [...]

6 12, 2016

Job Interview Checklist: Prepare

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Have you scheduled a job interview? Congratulations! We have a job interview checklist to help prepare you. Job seekers send out dozens of resumes and cover letters in hopes of obtaining a job that will complement their skill set. When the call comes in scheduling an interview, panic may ensue. There is no need to fret, we have previously detailed some common interview questions to train you. Now, we take a look at a checklist of everything one can do to prepare for the big meeting! Interview Checklist 1. Do Your Research Your brain is the sharpest and most important [...]

30 11, 2016

10 Common Interview Questions

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Recruiters see dozens of resumes when it comes to finding the right candidate. Once a resume is selected, an interview is scheduled. We hope you’ve aced the resume challenge, now we share the top 10 common interview questions to prep you for the next round. 10 Common Interview Questions 1. Tell me about yourself. This is not your biography or E! special. Focus on career highlights; look at this question as your elevator pitch. 2. What are your weaknesses? The most common interview question and perhaps the most dreaded is regarding weaknesses. Use this question to showcases your strengths. Discuss [...]

29 11, 2016

Best Resume: 5 Tips

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Recruiters and employers scan resumes quickly. Therefore, job seekers have all of 6 seconds to make a lasting first impression. How do you do that? We will guide you down the path of creating a stand-out and best resume you can to help you get the job interview you want. Before diving into the tips and tricks we have for your resume and its content, first understand the industry you are going into; use technical language and skills to further showcase your fit for that industry. 5 Tips for the Best Resume 1. Consistent Branding Your name is your [...]