Have you scheduled a job interview? Congratulations! We have a job interview checklist to help prepare you.

Job seekers send out dozens of resumes and cover letters in hopes of obtaining a job that will complement their skill set. When the call comes in scheduling an interview, panic may ensue. There is no need to fret, we have previously detailed some common interview questions to train you. Now, we take a look at a checklist of everything one can do to prepare for the big meeting!

Interview Checklist

1. Do Your Research

Your brain is the sharpest and most important tool in a job interview. A resume showcases education and skill sets; an interview lends as an opportunity to showcase success and passion for the company meeting with you.

  • Job Interview Checklist PrepareWhen researching a company, understand who you will be meeting with, what their dress code is, where they are located globally, and have a job description on hand.
  • Pay attention to recent press releases and news updates, this will provide material for great conversation and show your interest in the company.
  • Understand the history of the company; this influences the company’s culture and strategy. Compliment this mindset when discussing how you will be a good fit for the company.

2. Pick Your Stories

While discussing strengths, weaknesses, group work, and career goals, you will need stories to support your actions. Spending some time to strategically choose the moments and projects will ensure a smooth conversation during your interview.

  • Think of a time you were not successful and then focus on what you learned. This helps focus your conversation on the positive while directly addressing a weakness.
  • If a success story is on your mind, spend time reexamining analytics that were a direct reflection of the success. Numbers are incredibly impactful.


3. Pack accordingly

Job interviews can be stressful and exciting. Regardless, you do not want a chaotic morning leading up to your interview appointment. Spend some time the day before collecting all your materials.

  • Job Interview Checklist pack accordingly Print resumes and references and organize them in folders. Create 5 folders because you do not know how many people you will be meeting with.
  • Is your commute to your interview long? Pack a snack! Hunger pains and noises will only distract you. Pack a water bottle too.
  • If your formal shoes are uncomfortable, pack those. Wear comfortable shoes during your travels and switch shoes before arriving to the building where your meeting is.
  • Be prepared and take a notebook, or a small pad, and pen to take notes. You are interested in the position and you want to make sure you address everything needed to successfully get the job. Jot down notes to ensure efficiency.

5. Appearance

If you look your best, you will feel your best. This all stems from planning the day before, which is why it’s on our job interview checklist.

  • After understanding the culture of the company you are meeting with, you can dress in a manner that matches their image and expectations. This visual will confirm that you are the right fit for the job. Choose 2 outfits, iron them, and lay them out the night before.
  • Go to bed early. A good night sleeps leaves you refreshed and it is reflected in your energy and face. Tired, red eyes is the last think you want to distract your potential employer.


6. Job Interview Location

Unless your interview is being conducted over the phone or via a video chat, you have to make your way somewhere. Know exactly where you are going the day before to avoid day of panic.

  • LookJob Interview Checklist location up the address where you will be meeting. Examine traffic reports if you are driving, be prepared for any rush hour delays!
  • Also if driving, plan where you will be parking and have a back-up. If you have an additional 10-minute walk to your interview, you can plan to leave accordingly.
  • Trains and buses may require transfers; understand your full route before departing.


The day of your interview, be early, if not, on time and smile! You are talented and passionate. You know you’re the right fit for the job and that is why you have this interview.

Review this job interview checklist before your appointment. Preparation is key.

Good Luck on your job search.