Recruiters and employers scan resumes quickly. Therefore, job seekers have all of 6 seconds to make a lasting first impression. How do you do that? We will guide you down the path of creating a stand-out and best resume you can to help you get the job interview you want.

Before diving into the tips and tricks we have for your resume and its content, first understand the industry you are going into; use technical language and skills to further showcase your fit for that industry.

5 Tips for the Best Resume

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1. Consistent Branding

Your name is your identity. Differentiate yourself with the inclusion of a middle initial or nickname if you feel your name does not stand out. After making the decision as to how your name will be written, use it everyone. Stay consistent with branding yourself; ensure this is how your name appears in your signature, your relevant social media pages, and websites.

2. Executive Summary

In a typical resume, the first line is an objective statement. It may be helpful, but in general, it is losing its appeal. Imagine this is the script for your 30-second elevator pitch. Verbalize who you are and what you’re great at. Prove to the employer that you add value.

3. Keywords

Tailoring a resume for a particular job may be tedious, however, it is helpful. Mirror terms that you read in the current job posting. If a business is looking for someone “to plan” and “create processes,” you can highlight your ability to plan, analyze data, and forecast success. You’ll seem like the best fit for the job.

4. Less is More

You are an accomplished candidate; we don’t doubt it. That being said, be sure to avoid dense sections of text. Make it easier for a job recruiter to identify your strengths with key bullet points rather than in depth descriptions.

5. Result and Cause

In listing accomplishments, tell the reader what you achieved before you explain the situation. If you ran a marketing campaign for 2 months and earned 4 new accounts, start with results. 4 new accounts from 2 month campaign. This also showcases how your skills have been applied and used successfully.

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The Best Resume Needs Personality

What is most important to remember when creating the best resume you can is to include your personality. Allow colors and fonts to differentiate you from the rest. If you have digital art skills, create a graphic for the resume which adds to the impression you are making.

Good luck creating your best resume and we hope you got your dream job! Your research on tips to improve your resume already has to on the right path.