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As IT experts ourselves, we understand your corporate recruitment needs clearly and are able to select candidates who are uniquely qualified to meet them.


Unrivaled Talent Network and Database

Our two decades of experience in Information Technology have enabled us to
create an unrivaled network of best-in-class IT and business professionals. We utilized these connections to create a vast database of proven Tech talent.

As a result, our clients know we’re ready with candidates who are the perfect fit
for all IT staffing requirements. Our database is especially appealing to leading
companies that know the competition for IT talent has created a shortage.

Unmatched IT Recruiting

Both our founder and staff have unmatched expertise in the IT Industry. Our experience includes artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, blockchain, operating systems and web technologies. We know how to navigate the complexity of the IT environment.

We also have a decade of IT recruitment experience. We are able to efficiently manage the talent needs for our clients across different industries and meet their expectations for new hires.

Unique Candidate
Evaluation Process

We have a structured evaluation process based on our knowledge of IT and other necessary fields in the industry that enables us to assess the technical and behavioral skills of candidates before we send them over to you.

We follow a sophisticated selection process that goes beyond the usual checking off the boxes on a resume. As a result, every candidate is suited to succeed in the role you’re seeking to fill and become a productive member of your corporate family.

Quick Response With Proven Results

We have spent years building a distinguished track record of satisfying the needs of our
clients. Our pre-qualification process and vast database of talent allows us to provide
appropriate talent for open positions within 48 hours of receiving your hiring request.

New Purpose - Driven Services

Fresh Minds

Our special talent program designed to connect college seniors and recent graduates with companies looking for fresh talent.

Creative Minds

This is a unique initiative of ours to connect with creative individuals who specialize in the design of UI/UX and digital marketing content and to connect them with employers who have job openings for them.

Her Powers

This is a program we created to accelerate women’s careers in IT and other necessary fields in the industry and to assist companies in hiring female talent.


SkillConnect360 has been perfecting its unique recruitment process since 2008. It was founded by President & CEO Ravi Karamsetty. He found successful career in the IT industry while building high-performing technology teams for some of the world’s leading corporations, including JPMC, Citibank, Credit Suisse, S&P, Comcast, and other leading companies.

The concept of IT experts doing recruiting for IT and related fields has propelled SkillConnect360 to the top of its field by offering superior IT staffing services. Major companies know they can count on us to provide qualified talent in a hassle-free way, so they can stay focused on the daily operation of their businesses.


Our IT Staffing division offers a hassle-free staffing experience that allows employers to focus on running a successful business while leaving the challenging process of hiring professionals to our team of expert recruiters.


– The most qualified candidates

– Detailed candidate recommendations, with simple candidate summaries

– Responsive contractors

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